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i_Theft Auto (Parking simulation game)

Now you are a car thief. Steal your way to becoming the best in the world.
The ' i theft auto ' is a detailed driving simulation game.
Control is easy but you need delicate driving skill.
Sometimes concentration and judgement are needed.

-Check the target and the surroundings.
-Start a car.
-Drive the target car to the ' EXIT' zone.

Those are what you should do to steal a car.

The one thing you must pay special attention to is 'to avoid hitting obstacles or other cars', because the cops are quick to respond. Crash means failure in this game.

-72 missions.

-Three different game modes [ Theft mode, Challenge mode, Ranking mode ]

-Three control styles [Wheel, Stick, Tilt]

-Ranking network (make the best record and you are the best car thief in the world)
Welcome to the thrilling and addictive world of the 'i Theft Auto'
(On sale - iphone and i-pod touch)
(Coming soon Androd market)